Saturday, November 17, 2007

Travel like Mahatma Gandhi

Before taking up any tour to any country it is very important to know and read up about the country you plan to visit, you are more warmly welcomed if you take an interest and speak even a few words of the local language.

Increase your vital imagination and also think on much smaller aspects when booking a holiday - for example bed and breakfasts, village houses and locally owned accommodation benefit local families. Travel like Mahatma Gandhi - with simple clothes, open eyes and an orderly mind to become the part of Tourism.

Assist the local economy of developing countries by purchasing local products in preference to exotic items.

It is important to understand that the people in the country your are visiting have different culture, time concepts and thought patterns from your own, it doesn't mean that they are inferior to others in any way just they are little different.

Go for public transport where as possible- hire a bus, rickshaw or walk where convenient, you will be encountering with the local life and will get the opportunity to know the place.